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One-on-One Sessions

For our one-on-one sessions, together we create an individualized plan to help you learn, explore, and navigate your body-mind-heart relationship. Through our one-on-one sessions, we create movement together to explore how to feel the sensations and emotions living in the body to learn to accept them, express them, and then to release them from the self, or accept them as a part of the self. 

*Sliding Scale is Available*

Individualized Movement Practices

Within our One-on-One Sessions, we explore the emotions living in the body, and as these emotions arise, I create individualized movement practices that help you move through the various emotions. 

Through research in understanding the body, movement, trauma, and neurology I can develop movement practices that are specialized to your specific situation. In these movement practices, we can explore overwhelming emotions through movements that feel safe and comfortable.

Mental Health Care Plan

One-on-One sessions can be done individually, or they can be done in collaboration with your Mental Health team. Are you currently working with a therapist, but you are unable to connect with your body or emotions in therapy, together with your mental health team, we can engage create a mental health plan that helps you express those big emotions to your therpaist with words after you have learned how to express them through your body with movement.

No Movement Experience Neccessary

As always, no movement background is necessary, only a willingness to explore your body-mind-heart relationship through movement.


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