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Are your students struggling with built-up stress, test anxiety, or unprocessed anger? Do they feel pressure that they can't seem to address or release? We can help. Our team of Certified Lenae Release Method instructors can come and lead your class or school in practices that safely express and release those overwhelming emotions. There is no requirement for dance knowledge or background, just an openness to moving the body. not judging others and having fun!

These classes do not focus on dance technique, but rather on expressions of self and the emotions within the self. We guide kids and adults in finding ways to listen to their bodies and move in response to them. From offering these classes our participants report that they feel calmer, happier, and free'er after engaging with this style of movement.

When we offer these classes, participants are surprised at the different ways that they express their emotions, and they learn new ways they can safely express themselves.  All the participants learn how to validate their neighbor's expression, and through the movement practice, we create muscle memory in the body so that we become less reactive in the emotions but are able to slow down and choose our reactions.

Let us show your students how to guide their emotions through the body and out of the body through movement, giving these emotions validation and providing a release.

In-School Programs

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Every school has different needs, so our pricing is customized to meet the needs of each individual school. Contact us below for a free assessment and quote. We look forward to working with your school! 

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