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In-School & After School Sessions

​Through each session, we offer 1 emotion for the group to explore and create movement around.  We invite the students to engage in a Fast-paced Body Recognition warm-up, where we will explore how the different parts of the body create, move, and engage with the world.

  • Introduction: Age-appropriate introduction to our emotion topic for the week.

  • Body Warm-Up: Where we learn different ways to move the different parts of our bodies.

  • Emotion Release Dance: During this time, we will create a group dance around the specified emotion as a group.

  • Reflection: We will end our class with an age-appropriate reflective exercise that helps students process the class and the movements they express. 

    • We end each class with affirmations as we remind ourselves that we are loved, supported, and great as we are.

Our Kid-Led Emotion Release Dance is directed by the students as they express the specified emotion, and together we will connect each individual movement to create our dance. We will finish our in-person workshop with a cool down and group affirmations, as we remind ourselves that we are safe, loved, and supported.


We offer our program through groups of 20 with our maximum class up to 30 kids as we try to create space for discussions and participation. 

*Title 1 and High Needs Population Discounts Available*

Spring School Sessions

Montessori School of Durham

Fridays: 3-4 PM

Ages 3-5

Space Still Available

Non MSD students are eligible to join

Montessori Community School

Thursdays: 3:30-4:30

Ages 3-6

Space Still Available

Only for Montessori Community School Students

Early Learning Gorman Center

Mondays: 10:00-11:00

Ages 3-5

Wakaboomee Movement 

Wednesdays: 4:30-5:30


Ages 4-10

Space Available

Do you think our program will benefit your students? Contact us below to set-up a session for the youth in your care.

Our Programs

Lenae Release Method Kids (LRMK)


Our founder started this therapeutic dance company in response to helping her 4-year-old child express his emotion of anger through movement in a safe way.  After engaging with this movement practice with her family, she created Express & Release Therapeutic Dance, which developed the proprietary The Lenae Release Method to facilitate safe spaces in the community for kids, adults, and seniors to learn how to accept the emotions that they feel, express these emotions through movement in safe ways that do not harm the self, others, or the environment, and if desired release these emotions from the self.   

The LRMK Program:

The Lenae Release Method Kids program helps kids learn how to recognize and release emotions in their bodies through movement to find hope, healing, and restoration in their bodies.

Our youth curriculum is for ages 3-17, as we hope to help children learn to express themselves in safe ways that do not harm themselves, others, or their environment. Through our program, we teach youth age-appropriate language that helps them identify the different emotions that they feel, find safe natural ways to express these emotions, and when possible, release these emotions from the self.

Our Approach

In our classes, we take the approach of learning from the students, as we create a non-judgmental space for kids to engage and reflect on how they naturally express the various emotions that they feel, and as we connect each expression together, we create our dance.  Our movement class is not focused on dance technique but rather on the expression of self and the emotions within the self.


Our fun and accesible program provides spaces for kids to learn how to communicate the overwhelming emotions that they often do not have the words to express so that they are happier, more grounded, and better able to navigate stress and anxiety. The goal of our program is to guide kids in finding ways to listen to their bodies and move in response to them. We use exploratory movements to help kids release tension and stress from their bodies.

The Benefits

When we offer these classes, participants are surprised at the different ways that they express their emotions, and they learn new ways they can safely express themselves.  All the participants learn how to validate their neighbor's expression, and through the movement practice, we create muscle memory in the body so that we become less reactive in the emotions but are able to slow down and choose our reactions.

Through our in-person and afterschool program we empower your youth to engage with their emotions in a fun, engaging, and accesible way that improves their mental health, physical health, and emotional health.

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Every school has different needs, so our pricing can be customized to meet the needs of each individual school. Contact us below for a free assessment and quote. We look forward to working with your school! 

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