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Family Workshops

Open Kids Sessions

Space available at our Spring Afterschool Primaries Program

Montessori School of Durham: (01/26-05/24)
Fridays: 3-4pm (Ages 3-5)
Children who are not enrolled at MSD are still eligible to sign up.

Contact Eliza Hudson
Director of Auxiliary Programs for MSD
Phone Number: 919-489-9045
Email Address:


When our founder's son was 4 years old he came home one day full of rage and anger. She did not know how to help him process his emotions until she began calling out different ways for him to express and release his emotion of anger from his body.  After engaging with this movement practice for less than 5 minutes, he began smiling and laughing and was able to communicate his needs.


From utilizing these movement practices with her children (foster and biological children), we have developed family movement workshops to assist other families in learning how to release their emotions through movement as a family.


Family Workshops

During our virtual or in-person family workshops, we invite children and their caregivers to learn how to re-engage with the emotions in safe ways that do not harm the self, others, or the environment.


We teach children and their caregivers age-appropriate language around emotions (anger, sadness, jealousy, joy, peace, etc.), accessible and safe movement practices, and empathy as we help families learn to recognize and release emotions in their bodies through movement.


Through our curriculum, we guide your family through learning how to create shared language around emotions, how to engage with movement to express the things that we feel, and re-engage with the body to create images, shapes, and colors.


Our movement sessions are not based on dance technique but rather on expressions of the self and the emotions within the self.  We guide kids in finding ways to listen to their bodies and move in response to them.


In our fun and accesible workshops, we create a safe space for families to explore natural movements that allow them to express the overwhelming emotions that they may feel.  


Our class provides spaces for families to feel a sense of calm in their often fast-paced lives. We guide families in learning how to communicate the overwhelming emotions that they often do not have the words to express so that they are happier, more grounded, and better able to navigate stress and anxiety.


Our Program helps Kids and Their Caregivers:

  • Learn how to appreciate how their other family members express themselves

  • Develop muscle memory in the body that helps you become less reactive to emotions but better able to slow down and choose your reactions

  • Helps initiate conversations around different mental health topics

  • Helps develop a sense of belonging

  • Develop empathy and emotional intelligence

  • Validates creative expression

  • Offers a judgment-free space

  • Improves mental health and self-regulation


Stay Tuned

More Virtual and In-Person Family Workshops Coming Soon!

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