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Seniors Movement

Research has proven that movement can be highly effective at:

Improving Emotional Health and Regulation

Improve Health Outcomes related to Parkinson's Disease

Improve Health Outcomes related to Dementia.

Improve Mental Health

Improve blood pressure, bone density, muscle tone, mobility, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

Through our S.A.F.E. Movement Practice, we will guide seniors through gentle movements that help them re-learn the beauty they have within their bodies.


In our movement workshops, we do not teach technique as we invite each individual to explore movement that feels comfortable and right for their own body. We guide seniors through remembering images, thoughts, sounds, feelings and colors that are connected to their bodies.

These workshops take place within your space, so contact us below to set-up your next 6-week workshop that will help your seniors learn how to feel safe in their bodies again.

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Durham, NC


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