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NCMA: Mindful Museum


Join us for a fun and powerful exploration of the body and emotions through movement, art, and nature in the Museum Park.


4th Thursdays of the Month

6:00 PM

You will be safely guided through art and nature observation as you move your body to respond and process the images that you see.

Through breath work, movement, and journaling we facilitate accessing, expressing, and releasing emotions that may surface. These somatic (body-based) experiences and dance practices held in community are intended to help you arrive home in your body and tap into its innate pathways for healing and transformation.

No experience is necessary; all skill levels and abilities are welcome. Space is limited; for adults ages 18 and up.


Adult Workshops

We are so excited to offer movement workshops to adults to find restoration and healing in their bodies. Through our online or in-person workshops, we invite you to learn how to release stressors from your daily life.

We offer adult workshops for ages 18 and up where we come together to process life and emotions through a collective care approach. Through our workshops, we learn to embrace our bodies, emotions, and self as we learn to accept the emotions and sensations of the body, learn to express them through movement, to if desired, release these emotions from the self.

Our movement workshops, help adults re-find safety in their bodies as they learn to listen to the sensations within the body, and find confidence to speak, move, and take up space in their respective spaces.


 Join us for a monthly workshop, where we will empower participants to unlock their own movements through a fun, accesible, and engaging approach.

As always, we believe everyone should have access to this type of movement to help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression so we offer sliding scale payment and partial and full scholarships for all classes, retreats, workshops, and private sessions.


Please contact us below if you need financial assistance.


Or if you would like to donate to help us provide scholarships for our community, please contact us below.  

Check back here regularly to see our future workshops!

Contact Us

If you are in need of a partial or full scholarship or if you would like to donate to help us continue to provide scholarships, please reach out to us below!

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