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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do in class?

We start with centering and relaxing our bodies by deep breathing and attending to each part of our body. The LRM provider then leads the class in a guided meditation, poem, or target emotion and gives opportunity for each attendee to express through movement. This may be done simultaneously with or without eye coverings, or one at a time with the class engaging. Then there is time for journaling and possibly discussion. Each class strives to be a safe place with something new to learn each week!


Why don't you teach technique?

We believe all movement can be qualified as dance, whether it's breathing, taking a drink from a glass or walking in a meadow. Pre-made steps have been used to critique our bodies and exclude us from each other for too long. We believe the best way to actually sense our bodies emotions and release them has nothing to do with dance technique. In fact, oftentimes technique hinders students from feeling free to express their emotions in the way their body needs. We are all unique, why should our expressions be the same? Let's reclaim dance and movement for its best purposes: expression and connection!


Why do you use eye-coverings in class?

Our western society has been steeped in shame, competition and critique. Many adults have trouble accepting their own bodies as good. Dance has been used as a tool to measure. To build safety, rapport and freedom of expression in class we may include eye-coverings in the first few weeks. Eventually, many students feel confident to share their movements with the whole class. We delight in seeing this progression!


What do I need to bring to class?

1. Journal and pen

2. Water bottle

3. Yoga mat (If you aren't comfortable sitting/laying on a hard floor)

4. Wear comfortable clothes you can move in

5. Self-compassion

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