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Are your students and teachers struggling with built-up stress, test anxiety, or unprocessed anger? Do they feel pressure that they can't seem to address or release? We can help. Our team of Certified Lenae Release Method instructors can come and lead your class or school in practices that safely express and release those overwhelming emotions. There is no requirement for dance knowledge or background, just an openness to moving the body. not judging others and having fun!

Parents who have sent their children to our classes have seen a marked difference in their children being able to express themselves and validate their emotions. Many parents have then taken the classes for themselves! Once you have learned these techniques, they are an invaluable tool for accepting, processing, and releasing emotions trapped in the body.

Let us show your school an embodied way toward self-acceptance and emotional regulation. 

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Every school has different needs, so our pricing is customized to meet the needs of each individual school. Contact us below for a free assessment and quote. We look forward to working with your school! 

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